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Our Story

HELLO ALL, I'm so excited and so pleased to announce that is now open!

Through personal experiences, being embarrassed, not knowing who to speak to, not knowing what could help and struggling for answers. I decided to research all areas of this nature. After educating myself, I decided to put my knowledge, helpful products and all possible embarrassing feelings or situations to use. Fifty shades of was created! represents all shades of love.( all genders, all preferences) We are all equals and absolutely no judgement here! As there is no stipulations on love!


You may order online or come to the shop it's completely up to you. There are no logos, decals or signage at the shop.

If you choose to order online, we will deliver the purchase to you right away (unless you state otherwise by contacting us) We accept credit cards online or cash on delivery.

Our drivers have no knowledge of what is in the bag. The items get tested and packaged in a brown paper bag (environment friendly). The top of the bag gets stapled three times to ensure your privacy, and simply a shipping tag to allow the driver to know the address where the item is to be delivered at.( your house, your work,  your friends place ETC) That is your choice. The drivers do not have any logos, decals or signage on their vehicles either.

I only supply products that I stand behind, knowing they work. My prices are marked so that everyone can afford them.

Can't find an item you would like in our store? Just ask and I will do my best to research the item and get the product for you.

We also ship orders out of North Bay (you are responsible for the shipping cost) to wherever the destination maybe. We just had an order going to Chicago Illinois! (I'm very proud)

Have any questions? Click here to find out how to contact us, I try to answer all the questions as quickly and as efficient as I can.

I'm extremely passionate about my job, therefore you will always receive great advice and service.

Happy shopping!


Lisa Love